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About Bay Street Manufacturing

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

The Company

Bay Street Manufacturing, located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada is a manufacturer of Mattress and Pillow Protectors as well as Sleeping Pillows. Its premier line of mattress and pillow protectors are trademarked under the name HealthGuard, and are designed to alleviate the symptoms of allergies and asthma related to dust mites.

Bay Street Manufacturing is a manufacturer and distributor of a series of health protection devices aimed at reducing the suffering of individuals affected by allergies and other asthmatic problems. The products produced and sold through a selected group of retailers includes a regular line of bed pillows, hypo-allergenic pillows, hypo-allergenic pillow covers, regular mattress covers and hypo-allergenic mattress covers plus a series of other allergen reducing devices.

The central focus of the company's product group is the specialty allergen protecting pillows, pillow protectors and mattress covers marketed under the Registered Trademark HealthGuard. These products contain a barrier material which separates the sleeper from the allergen producing bodies. Designed to reduce the inhalation of dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria, the HealthGuard products protect the user from the effects of asthmatic sufferering such as wheezing, sneezing, eczema, congestion rashes and itchy watery eyes.

Vision Statement

Through professional and organized leadership, positive attitude and pride of workmanship, HealthGuard provides customers the quality, dedication and exceptional service they expect while creating opportunities for growth and profitability.

Extended Stain Warranty Program

Bay Street Manufacturing warrants to the owner of a new HealthGuard Mattress Protector the following:

If the new mattress that has been purchased at the same time, or within a ninety (90) day period after the purchase of the HealthGuard mattress protector, becomes stained as a result of normal residential use during the first sixty (60) months of the life of this warranty by ordinary household foods, beverages, grease and/or human biological stains while the HealthGuard mattress protector is in use the warranty will apply.

Bay Street Manufacturing will request the damaged mattress protector be returned in a clean and sanitary condition for inspection and will send via courier a new replacement. Once tested to verify leak, Bay Street Manufacturing at its option, either will clean, repair or replace the stained mattress.

Responsibility of the Warranty Contract Holder:

The purchaser of the new mattress and the HealthGuard mattress protector is entirely responsible for retaining the proof of purchase, performing routine washing of the HealthGuard mattress protector and return of the damaged protector to the manufacture at their cost.

How to make a claim:

Should you need to make a claim under this warranty, please contact Bay Street Manufacturing at 1-905-851-1050 or toll free 1-800-624-2436.

Please have your original purchase receipt to validate this warranty. You must report damage within Five (5) days of the occurrence.

Contact Bay Street Manufacturing: sales@healthguard.com