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Frequently Asked Questions

I keep my home very clean. Is it possible I still have dust mites inside my mattress and pillows?

The dust mites and other microbes inside our mattress and pillows have nothing to do with how clean our homes are. As we sleep, our bodies give off heat, excrete fluids, and shed old skin and hair cells. These particles make their way down inside our mattress and pillows - creating an atmosphere that is warm, humid, and rich in decaying organic matter ... The exact environment where harmful microbes flourish.

Why should I be worried about dust mites and other microbes inside my mattress and pillows?

As we roll over and move about in our beds, the microscopic particles inside our mattress and pillows (mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and dust mite allergens) become airborne. We all spend, on average, one third of our lives in bed. Each and every night, all night, and we are constantly breathing in these harmful particles.

How do HealthGuard™ Protectors protect my new mattress or pillow?

HealthGuard™ Protectors have the exclusive HealthGuard™ No-Mite™ microbial barrier. This barrier prevents any liquids and microscopic particles (such as body fluids and old skin and hair cells) from passing through to the mattress and pillow. Simply put, HealthGuard™ Protectors prevent the growth of harmful microbes inside your mattress and pillows by eliminating the atmosphere and food supply (decaying organic matter) that allows them to survive.

Will HealthGuard™ Protectors protect me from the microbes already in an older mattress and pillow?

Yes, the HealthGuard™ No-Mite™ barrier prevents any microscopic particles, including dust mite allergens, from transferring up from the mattress or pillow to the sleeping surface. The exclusive barrier will also eliminate the atmosphere required for any harmful microbes already inside a mattress from surviving.

I want to use a HealthGuard™ Protector on my old mattress. Should I have my mattress steam-cleaned before putting on the HealthGuard™ Protector?

No! You should never have a mattress steam-cleaned. The warmth and moisture steam-cleaning creates only exacerbates the problem.

Does the HealthGuard™ Protector provide the same level of sleep protection as a full mattress encasement?

Yes, studies have shown HealthGuard™ Protectors to be just as effective while also allowing both the mattress and sleeping surface to breathe and providing luxurious quilted comfort; without the need for cumbersome maintenance and harsh chemical sprays, as is required by the older style vinyl covers that completely encase a mattress.

What is the difference between HealthGuard™ Protectors and other "anti-bacterial" mattress covers?

Common "anti-bacterial" mattress covers simply have a topical anti-microbial treatment. Though this chemical treatment does inhibit the growth of microbes (such as mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and dust mites) on the mattress cover itself; these mattress covers do nothing to prevent the buildup of harmful microbes inside the mattress nor do they offer any protection from those same microbes while sleeping. HealthGuard™ Protectors have a microbial barrier that maintains both a clean and healthy mattress and sleeping surface.

Are there any anti-bacterial chemicals sprayed into HealthGuard™ Protectors?

No there is no topical solution or spray applied.

Should I use an anti-bacterial spray with my HealthGuard™ Protectors?

Chemical sprays are not necessary. To maintain a clean and healthy sleep environment, simply machine wash your HealthGuard™ Protectors every one to two weeks in hot water (using your regular detergent) along with the rest of your bedding.

I'm allergic to pollen. Will HealthGuard™ Protectors have any effect on my allergies?

Health Care Professionals recommend sleep protection (HealthGuard™ Protectors) as the first step towards asthma and allergy control. Constantly breathing in harmful microbes and dust mite allergens weakens your immune system and your body's ability to fight off other allergens as you go about your day ... An allergy-free day begins with an allergen-free night.

I want to keep my new mattress stain-free. Will HealthGuard™ Protectors do this?

Yes. The HealthGuard™ No-Mite barrier prevents all moisture and liquids from passing through to the mattress or pillow below but still allows both the mattress and sleeping surface to breathe.

I suffer from night sweats. Will HealthGuard™ Protectors be of any help?

HealthGuard™s Protectors will prevent all that excess moisture from transferring to your mattress and creating a stained, soiled mattress and unhealthy sleep environment.