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What they're saying about HealthGuard

Quality Production and Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Just a note to let you know how thrilled my family and my patients are with the HealthGuard Dust Mite Protectors. They are a product that I can highly recommend. They perform well and certainly hold up well to repreated washing.

Once again thank you very much for this excellent product. I certainly will be continuing to recommend it highly.
William W., Orleans, Ontario

I am writing to you to let you know how pleased my family is with our HealthGuard mattress and pillow covers. My husband, baby daughter and I all have asthma. I have the most severe form of the disease, and have had many emergency room visits as result. I have had to take a number medications over the last twenty years, and in the last six years have 1 take steroids daily to control my condition. My husband and baby also have had to to edication to control the disease, including steroids.

In January of this year, we purchased the HealthGuard mattress and pillow covers after having been advised by our doctor about the connection between dust mite feces allergy and asthma. Since early February of this year, neither my husband nor myself have had to use any medication for asthma other than to treat the very occasional attack. This is the first time I have been off daily medication for asthma in nine years. Our daughter has also greatly improved, and her steroid requirements have dropped from six ampules a day to one.

I've had asthma for over twenty years, and have read everything I could find about the disease. I had never heard about dust-mite feces allergy until this year. To think of all the medicatiion, illness, and misery I went through that was clearly preventable. Thank goodness my husband and baby didn't have to experience years of the same.

Your excellent products have greatly impreoved our health and of course, the quality of our lives.
John S., Toronto, Ontario

I recently spoke to you over the phone regarding my HealthGuard mattress protector. I brought it to your offices on Tuesday per our conversation. The customer service was exemplary. (Unfortunately I did not obtain the woman's name that served me).

Neither you nor your representative lead me to believe that rectifying the problem to my satisfaction was anything but of primary importance to you. Very commendable service in days when customer service is so hard to receive.

I explained the problem, she measured the item and found it to be proper (54" double). Upon further discussion, it was discovered that my mattress' depth is eater than average. Within a very short time, she produced a replacement "customized" deeper protector.

As instructed, I stopped off at the laundromat and washed the protector then conveniently hung it to dry outside (at my mother's home I selectively chose the laundromat). The protector fitted properly on the mattress and I was able to tuck it in underneath. The sheets stayed on and no bunching occurred in the middle of the bed last night.

I will mention this at the store I purchased the HealthGuard from as she didn't seem to be aware of different mattress depths (nor I).

Again, thank you and I now look forward to many comfortable nights sleep with my HealthGuard Mattress Protector on the bed. I am very pleased with your product and hope I can eventually purchase the pillow protectors.
Rhonda C., Toronto, Ontatio

After sleeping with the pillow protectors, and then trying one night without them, I am amazed at how congested I became without the pillow protecters; I never realized how affected I was by sleeping 1 unprotected pillow. The difference was remarkable! I'm also very impressed and appreciative of the customer service provided by HealthGuard. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Lou R., Toronto, Ontario

Just recently purchased a new Healthguard mattress cover. I have major problems with allergies and noticed a difference almost immediately. Thank you!
Matt P., Sherwood Park, Alberta

Once in awhile a person really lucks out on a chance meeting.

When we first met a couple of months back, you discussed your 'travel package' with me. It sounded kind of novel; a special pillow cover and a disinfectant spray.

Well I was off to Israel on a tour and with my history of allergy and congestion I was worried about picking up something. Your offer sounded like an answer to a prayer - but must admit I was skeptical. Anyway, I diligently used the pillow cover in several hotels. I sprayed the disinfectant on everything in the rooms, on the busses, in the air plane, the public washrooms. It had a nice odour and the feel was nice.

On the way home I noticed that well over half of our tour was sniffmg, coughing, and generally feeling pretty poorly. I was amazed because I was so use to being the "Mr. Sneeze" of most groups - I was in great shape. Was I just lucky? Really I do not know. But let me tell you that I will not travel without the pillow case and the spray again. Even my wife is convinced since she suffered from some sort of allergy in Israel - and she is usually the one that can take any changes. Guess I should have got a package for her too.
Roger L., North York, Ontario